2 file
Posted on 2002-01-16 16:44:01 by Max
3 file

ps: you dont need to be online to test or use it.
after start just press ON and test it.
Posted on 2002-01-16 16:46:02 by Max

im building up a hompepage for SmallTalk and post soon the link here.
i work yesterday on a way to make usernotify.
i code a small cgi script and now you can get the list of all online users and you send your ip to the cgi to write to database.
in the next version i publish this script so you can simply upload it to your page and when you or your friends are online you can see this fast.
sorry i dont know any other way to make the notify so you need to upload it first to your cgi-bin.

any other ideas ?
dynip or email notify ?
Posted on 2002-01-17 07:38:10 by Max
There're a couple of really interesting threads in this forum (not that this isn't......don't think that this isn't interesting!) and I hate to keep bumping it up to the top but....

There're some differences between win9x/me dos and nt/2k dos. Basically under win9x you have to implicitly have:


to automatically close a dos box. Apparently if the dos console has been cleared of all text and exit has been called dos has no reason to keep the window open, but if you just have "exit", "pause", or even "cls" the dos box will stay open until you (manually) close it. ....just something you might want to have in "convert.bat".

Other than that everything looks good.
Posted on 2002-01-17 23:17:01 by Will
NT doesn't have DOS - it has cmd.exe, a 32bit console-mode shell.
There's quite a difference ;). As for the 9x command prompt, you
can adjust the "program settings" for it and specify "close window
on exit" or whatever.

Heh, batch files for a tool like this :rolleyes: .
Posted on 2002-01-18 04:56:47 by f0dder
Heh, batch files for a tool like this

like i wrote in the ReadMe.txt...its a beta test and if your connection is to slow you can edit the batch to set other audio settings and inform me what works on what connection ,so i dont need to insert at this coding stadium tons of buttons to let the user edit the audio convert settings.

later then when my tool is finish , i send the command when i use shellexecute......no need for batch file then.
Posted on 2002-01-18 08:11:27 by Max
There're some differences between win9x/me dos and nt/2k dos. Basically under win9x you have to implicitly have:


Hello 4oh4

thanks for the tips :-)

i forget alltime NT when i start coding something.
i dont have it and i think its to hard for me to code something i cant test :(

there is so much to do on the voice communicator i dont think on first but i try to get some time the next weeks to to build all new in one app.
when i start first i was a bit lazy and like to finish coding fast ,because i code since months on another tool and i like to finish it first.

but i must say i had alot fun with this talking tool and most of my friends use......yesterday whe play RTCW and where more talking then shooting *lol*

while playing i had the idea to code a keylog hook who check if the "X" key is pressed and if yes = start audio record and if you stop pressing "X" the voice send to user.

im shure so you can use it in any game or program :-)
dont know if hotkeys also work if i run a game.
arg...as i say : tons of work

hey thanks to you again...if you never post the sample i dont start coding it and i would think today that audio is something mystical and hard to realize in asm :-)
because i start with delphi and in delphi i had to type some lines more then in asm to play/record audio.

have a nice weekend
Posted on 2002-01-18 08:22:33 by Max