I have been using my programming time to learn both Win 32 and 16 bit code. The tutorials are helping but are there resources that specifically show how to make dialog boxes, allocate memory, etc. (Something that shows all the details similar to Intels Chip Instruction commands)
I have plenty of 16 bit assembly code I have collected and written over the years that I will share.(I hope it will be used for good purposes)You should be able to modify it for your particular need and most is well commented.
I have posted messages on the alt.lang.assembly echos for 16 bit code to prompt for a password with asterisks showing up as each character is typed. I guess no one there knows or wants to help with my request. Thanks, Andy Kennedy
Posted on 2002-07-18 11:20:53 by skywalker
Posted on 2002-07-18 11:30:37 by bazik
Posted on 2002-07-18 11:33:31 by Tola

Hehe, the gif was indeed created by NaN about a year ago after we got flooded with repeating requests.
I thought the same about the "thanks you!", but it's releated to the logo above ->
"Win32ASM Community thanks you!"

Posted on 2002-07-18 11:35:13 by bazik