Is there someone with an oriental keyBoard?

If yes:

- Can you check what Ascii chars are Paragraph and Dollar chars?

- How could i input oriental Strings in SpAsm Source Editor?

I mean, if user wants to declare some oriental String in Data,
what input is expected? Is there something on an oriental keyBoard
that would tell an Ascii Editor that, for example, now on, the
input will be Words sizes and not Bytes? or something like this?
Are the oriental Chars sended as 2 separates Bytes? or as one
single Word in WM_CHAR/wParam?

I have some problem with one chineese SpAsm user, but his english
is so bad (and my knoledge of the problem equal to zero), that
i am afraid of never coming up with it.

Posted on 2001-08-18 08:23:23 by Betov
I have only a few experiences with arabic chars ...
Normally you have a mixed mode typing interface in a
language version of window. That means you can switch
(f.e. with Ctrl+Alt) from english to arabic mode and back.

In english mode you type like on a normal english keyboard.
In arabic mode you type frmo right to left.
This works automatically in all edit and richedit controls.

A person did some arabic translation for us, the resulting .txt
file had one ascii char for one arabic letter. I found no
switching char or something else. I think windows uses the
systems default charset (in this case ARABIC) for all chars
greater than 127.

Dont know, but think that arabic behavior is a little bit similar to oriental.
Posted on 2001-08-19 10:00:21 by beaster
Beaster, Arabian is an alphabetical language (so it should not require

The problem is with Chineese like oriental symbols. I suppose that,
if a chineese write a program for chineeses, he will not have the
strings in english. So, i should certainaly enable something to allow
the input of unicode Chars for Data Strings... No idea what and how.

Thanks, hello to Miracle.

Posted on 2001-08-19 11:01:23 by Betov
Posted on 2001-08-20 18:11:02 by Soul~Drudge
A very little bit... thanks.

I have difficulties to believe that there is zero chineese on Board.
Are they all gone with the girls?

Well, i am gona wait for one, using SpAsm, knowing a bit of Asm and
speacking good enough english, who will wish to help.

Posted on 2001-08-21 04:17:57 by Betov