Small utility to check that mp3s are "complete"...they are not cut off in the middle b/c of an incomplete download. Based on the assumption that the last frame in the mp3 will not be a full frame if the file isn't all there. This does flag some "valid" mp3s that are complete but have the last frame damaged (bad encoding?). Don't think there's really a better way to do this since mp3s don't contain the filelength in the header.

Just drag and drop a directory from windows explorer. Added a right-click copy option and double-clicking will play the file in your default mp3 player so you can check if it really is a bad download.
Posted on 2002-07-18 15:14:28 by grv575
nice proggie ... it flags all Lame 3.90alpha encoded mp3

also a little bug: if you drop a mp3 file (not a directory)
and then another mp3 file it hangs with a read error
on 0x4c504d69 (something with FindNextFile arguments)
Posted on 2002-07-19 01:00:16 by TBD
Yeah it will flag all mp3s that have incomplete last frames, soin general the signal to noise ratio is not great. I just found another program that does the same thing and also tells you which codec was used to encode he mp3 which is pretty cool. It's called EncSpot. Too bad I hadn't found out about this util sooner.

It wasn't meant to handle individual files since you can just play the mp3 file and check it just as quickly.
Posted on 2002-07-19 03:17:20 by grv575