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The zip file contains this article, and 5 example codes.

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08/23/2001 Common Gateway Interface using PE console apps
05:05:05 AM PST by Michael Pruitt

CGI: Tutorial 01: Supplying Dynamic Data to a Web Client
In the early '90s the NCSA released HTTPd 1.0 (a web server), a new concept
was included; CGI. This feature allowed web content to be dynamically gener-
ated on the server. Up-to-date reports of stocks, scores, and weather were
possible with CGI. Other uses include message boards, guest books, or

Typically a CGI application will interface with a Mosaic type web browser;
supplying HTML with the data. When the server recieves a request targeting a
CGI program, it will lauch the application. Any data from the client will be
piped to StdIn. The app's StdOut will then be sent back to the client.

Tools Needed
This tutorial is written for FAsm ([url][/url]). If
you wish to assemble the program, you will need FAsm 1.13.4 (or later) or you
can translate it to an assembler supporting 80x86 PE console.

For any CGI testing access to a web server is a must. I recommend Apache 1.3.20
([url][/url]). For starting out, you can place your assembled
executable into the \Apache\cgi-bin\ directory. For the server name use
"localhost" (excluding the quotes).

Knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is usefull. The basics of HTML
are easy to learn. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will prove invaluable if you
use a lot of HTML. A list of books is provided at the end of this article.

A Win32 platform. My system consist of Win 98 SE on a Celeron 433 w/ 128MB RAM.
Win 95 - NT should work without issues. A Linux box running WINE shoud also
work for those with a strong stomach.

Win32 API
Since everything a CGI application does is non GUI, the kernal32.dll will
suffice for most projects. Database intensive app's will link to other dll's
to better implement designs.

To access the Standard I/O, will need to use GetStdHandle. Under Win32, StdIO
is not availiable under predefined handles. ReadFile and WriteFile is used to
move data. ReadConsole and WriteConsole will not work; file redirection in not

CGI Environment
A CGI program is not required to read data, but it is required to send it.
Client data is availiable on the StdIn. The length is in the CONTENT_LENGTH
environment variable. Also, 255 bytes of the data is in the QUERY_STRING
EnvVar. All out put must start with "Content-Type:" a space, the type, and
two newlines (CrLf). Common types include: "text/plain", "text/html", or
"image/gif". Example output:

Content-Type: text/plain

Hello World. Example of HTTP 1.1 header and body.

If you don't write any data, the web server will report with the error:
"Premature end of script headers". If you really don't want to supply data,
you could just write: "Content-Type: text/plain" and two newlines.

The Example Program
The program I've supplied writes HTML containing the current date and time. It
demonstrates use of API's, HTML, data manipulation.

format PE console
entry Start

include '\Asm_Win32\Include\'
include '\Asm_Win32\Include\macro\'
include '\Asm_Win32\Include\macro\'

Cr = 0x0D
Lf = 0x0A
section '.code' code readable executable
pusha ;Save all of the Registers
stdcall [GetStdHandle], STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE ;Retrive the actual handle
mov [StdOut], eax
cmp eax, INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE ;Error with handle
jz Exit

stdcall [GetSystemTime], Time ;Load SYSTEMTIME with UTC
call Format_Time ;Convert Hex(bin) to ascii
; and Place into HTML
stdcall [WriteFile], [StdOut], HTML, HTML._size, HTML.Len, 0
;Write the HTML to StdOut
popa ;Restore all of the Registers
stdcall [ExitProcess], 0

mov ax, [Time.wYear] ;16b Data
mov edi, HTML.Date_S + 9 ;Ptr to LAST byte of dest
call .ascii ;Convert and place into HTML

mov ax, [Time.wDay]
mov edi, HTML.Date_S + 4
call .ascii

mov ax, [Time.wMonth]
mov edi, HTML.Date_S + 1
call .ascii

mov edi, HTML.Day_S ;Destination Ptr
mov esi, Day.Wk ;Source Ptr (Array of Days)
xor eax, eax
mov ax, [Time.wDayOfWeek] ;0 <= eax < 7
add esi, eax ;esi =+ eax * 3
add esi, eax ; Indexes the Array
add esi, eax
mov ecx, 3 ;3B per Day String
cld ;Copy Left to Right
rep ; (esi++, edi++)

mov ax, [Time.wHour]
cmp al, 13 ;Check for PM
jl .wHour
sub al, 12 ;Correct Hour
mov [HTML.Time_S + 9], 'P' ; AM -> PM

mov edi, HTML.Time_S + 1
call .ascii

mov ax, [Time.wMinute]
mov edi, HTML.Time_S + 4
call .ascii

mov ax, [Time.wSecond]
mov edi, HTML.Time_S + 7
call .ascii

;***[Hex 2 ASCII]***
std ;String OPs Right to Left
cmp ax, 10 ;Single Digit?
jl .onex10

and ah, ah ;Only Two Digits
jz .twox16

mov bh, 10 ;Reduce 3x16 to 2x16
div bh ; so that AAM can be used
or ah, 0x30 ;BCD -> ASCII
mov [edi], ah
dec edi
aam ; AH / 10 = AH r AL
or al, 0x30 ;BCD -> ASCII
mov al, ah
cmp ah, 9
jg .twox16
or al, 0x30
stosb ;Copy Last/Only Digit to Mem

;***--------------------[Data used by this App]--------------------***
section '.data' data readable writeable
StdIn dd 0 ;Standard I/O Handles
StdOut dd 0

db 'Content-type: text/html', Cr, Lf, Cr, Lf
db '<html><head><title>Hello World</title></head>', Cr, Lf
db '<body bgcolor=Black text=Cyan><h1>Hello World</h1>', Cr, Lf
db '<h2><font color=Lime>', Cr, Lf
db 'This HTML is dynamicly generated by a PE console Application writen in'
db '80x86 Assembler</font></h2>', Cr, Lf
db '<h2><font color=Red>It is: </font><font color=Blue>'
.Day_S db 'WkD '
.Date_S db ' 0/00/0000</font> <font color=Magenta>'
.Time_S db ' 0:00:00 AM</font> <font color=Lime>UTC</font></h2>', Cr, Lf
db '</body></html>', Cr, Lf
HTML._size = $ - HTML - 1
HTML.Len dd 0 ;Number of bytes actually wrote

Day.Wk db 'SunMonTueWedThuFriSat'

;***----------------------[Import Table / IAT]---------------------***
section '.idata' import data readable writeable

library kernel, 'KERNEL32.DLL'

import GetModuleHandle, 'GetModuleHandleA',\
GetCommandLine, 'GetCommandLineA',\
GetSystemTime, 'GetSystemTime',\
GetEnvVar, 'GetEnvironmentVariableA',\
GetStdHandle, 'GetStdHandle',\
CreateFile, 'CreateFileA',\
ReadFile, 'ReadFile',\
WriteFile, 'WriteFile',\
CloseHandle, 'CloseHandle',\
ExitProcess, 'ExitProcess'

How to Run:
You can run this example from the command line since it requires no client
data. You can also pipe the data into an html doc and open with IE:
Main > Text.html
For the real CGI, place Main.exe into the cgi-bin directory, launch Apache,
and type "localhost/cgi-bin/Main.exe" in the address box of IE.

SAMS Teach Yourself CGI in 24 Hours
SAMS 2000 $24.99US
Rafe Colburn ISBN: 0-672-31880-6

CGI by Example
QUE 1996 $34.99US
Robert Niles & Jeffry Dwight ISBN: 0-7897-0877-9

HTML in Plain English - 2nd Edition
MIS Press 1998 $19.95US
Sandra E. Eddy ISBN: 1-55828-587-3

Cascading Sytle Sheets - The Definitive Guide
O'Reilly 2000 $34.95US
Eric A. Meyer ISBN: 1-56592-622-6

Win32 Programming Reference (Win32 API Help file)
Microsoft 1990-1995 Free
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Thanks for sharing! :alright:
Posted on 2002-07-19 02:40:26 by bazik
No problem. Just wish I had the time to improve it.

When I finish a utility at work ( If I ever get the time there too) I'll ask if I can release parts of that code ( has static RegEx, dynamic Arrays and Hashs of strings )
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That example alone makes me want to use FASM.
Looks reather kewl.

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