Do u need word wrap in a *programmer's* editor?
Posted on 2001-08-18 15:17:45 by MovingFulcrum
Just a comment, clearly word wrap isn't needed but I've noticed some of the more powerful editors offer wordwarp and spellcheck for comments. Its a pretty neat function.

Of course for wordwarp you'd be talking about paragraph comments such as "*/ ... */" or whatever it is with c, not line comments as with the ";". I don't even know if these are supported with Masm.

Not a priority function I'd say, but no harm either.
Posted on 2001-08-18 16:55:07 by Eóin
WordWrap can clearly be useful in a text editor, but I can't see the
use in a programmers editor. If your lines are too long to fit the screen
(which should only really happen in a HLL :)), chances are your
statements are too complex, and should be broken into smaller bits...
which would "most likely" enhance the clarity of the code, and be
easier to optimize.

If wordwrap turns out to be hard to do and/or slows stuff down
noticeable (I think it could be hard to do if you do a line-based editor),
then don't bother.
Posted on 2001-08-18 17:23:20 by f0dder
If new lines were displayed with a symbol instead of a screen control, yeah. Maybe with SHLL we'll enter problems as paragraghs.
Posted on 2001-08-18 22:09:44 by eet_1024
Even VC++ doesnt have word-wrap.
eet_1024, i really couldnt get what you meant in your last post?
btw, whats SHLL?

Most of the modern editors have useless functions, for example, UE has 'Select Line' in its menu but who would move his mouse and click that on the menu? You would rather select the line with the mouse yourself.
Maybe they just want to expand their feature list and the menus that way.
Posted on 2001-08-18 23:16:31 by MovingFulcrum
You could wrap the line if the first character was a ; but I see this getting really messy. Wrapping any other lines wouldn't make sense in ASM code. Unless your going for a full fledge programmers' word processor, it's definately very far down the list. :) Posted on 2001-08-18 23:29:45 by bitRAKE