Can anyone recommend any books on assembly for a beginner?
rkinasz :tongue:
Posted on 2002-07-19 20:27:52 by rkinasz :grin:

I also have:

Zen of Code Optimization by Micheal Abrash

Zen of Graphics Programming by Micheal Abrash
-Black book version is availible for free download.

The Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language by {many} :)
-good DOS/BIOS programing book

Intel Manuals - you have to have these - it is the law. ;)
Posted on 2002-07-19 20:35:49 by bitRAKE
I don't think there would be a good book out there but check these out:

1. Mastering Turbo Assembler
2. Revolutionary Guide To Assembly Language
3. Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers (3rd Edition)
4. Assembly Language Step-By-Step
5. HLA Tutorials

What I would suggest is, just post your question here and some knowledgable person would be glad to help. :)


I think he doesn't want the sex related books. :grin:
Posted on 2002-07-19 20:39:35 by stryker
Anybody got hold of "Inner Loops"? I heard it was great.

Posted on 2002-07-19 20:57:18 by stryker
Books that are current for win32asm are just about non existent. Most of the rest are out of date DOS assembler so i would suggest you download the best available and start from there.

Get the Intel manuals, they are the best available, go for a wade through the tutorials that some of our members have written and download MASM32 as it has the toys and tools to get going.

Posted on 2002-07-19 21:35:26 by hutch--
stryker, I have "Complete Idiots Guide To Amazing Sex" (as PDF) :grin:
And I have a 700page assembly book, covering MASM & TASM under Windows, Linux, DOS. (GASM under Linux ;) ).
It has several example source codes, and covers also API programming. And you find a comparsion of MASM and TASM along with a complete reference and explanation about all compiler parameters. But... hehe... it's in German ;)

Edit: Just saw on the title page, that it also covers OO programming under TASM.
Posted on 2002-07-20 02:17:46 by bazik
lol :grin: Sorry bAZiK, I'm not an "idiot". :grin:

The book "1001 Moves To Amazing Sex" is out of print and it's the only copy I have. If I have 2 copies, I could sell one right now. :grin:
Posted on 2002-07-20 03:19:42 by stryker
bazik, could you tell me the name of that book?
Posted on 2002-07-20 08:45:33 by seppel
>bazik, could you tell me the name of that book?

"Die Assembler Referenz", Franzis Verlag
ISBN: 3-7723-7505-7
Posted on 2002-07-20 10:07:47 by bazik
Danke :)
Posted on 2002-07-20 11:58:55 by seppel