Exagone's tutorial helped me a lot. It's on Iczellion's site, too.
Posted on 2002-08-03 11:34:57 by goofee
Hi DasFox,

I can sympathise with your difficulty in approaching asm from the windows api point of view. I've found it necessary to make the effort and have made some inroads. Anyway, for me the trouble was in finding a place to start and from reading your post, that seems to be where you are at at the moment. What helped me was a demo program that demonstrated assembly, disassembly and debugging graphically. This is a console application called the ketman shoolmaster, which was a free with an option to buy.

(NB this is an updated version but I think the demo is still free)

The tutorial side takes you through some simple asm code to show how the registers change, when and why flags are set and so on. Anyway, I had some fun with it and it gave me the confidence to get further into asm.

Posted on 2002-08-06 09:15:56 by gisgeek

programming in assembly, requires at least a basic knowledge of programming, expecially the Windows API if you want to programm for Windows.

Strange, I leaned Window API when I started with MASM.
I had done some programming in HLLs (and even VHLL :eek: ) before starting with (m)asm(32) but I never used windows API (directly), it was first when I started programming in assembly I learned how to use use the windows API... :grin:
Posted on 2002-08-06 09:57:54 by scientica