Maybe it's a stupid question, but what is ECO_SAVESEL for? You can set this option with EM_SETOPTIONS (Rich-Edit-Control). But when I searched in the Win32.hlp I only found this:

Sets the options for a rich edit control.
wParam = (WPARAM) (UINT) fOperation;
lParam = (LPARAM) (UINT) fOptions;


[COLOR=burly-wood]ECO_SAVESEL Same as ES_SAVESEL [/COLOR]style.
[B]Return Values[/B]

Yeah, perfect but what is ES_SAVESEL for??

Posted on 2002-07-20 15:16:16 by Marwin
search msdn:

ECO_SAVESEL Preserves the selection when the control loses the focus. By default, the entire contents of the control are selected when it regains the focus.
Posted on 2002-07-20 15:31:41 by savage
Ah, ok thank you!
Posted on 2002-07-22 11:04:44 by Marwin