I would like to see a forum for NASM and/or TASM so that so that the 4 major win32 assemblers: Masm, Tasm, Fasm and Nasm can be evaluated objectly and discussed. I have used Nasm a little on linux and its not too bad.

I also am going to ask Ketio to put an option in his IDE for Nasm assembling.

I would be willing to do the work of adding info about Nasm to the forum or thread.

I am not promoting one or the other but I noticed on Source Forge that they; whoever they are, are working on the code again.

I think that it would be fun and instructive to be able to have a collection of info on all four assemblers since this is a win32 asm board is it not.

So... who or is it whom do I ask to make this happen, i.e. having a forum for Nasm and Tasm as well as Fasm?

The reason that I bring this up is that since we have added one for Fasm, lets add one for Nasm and Tasm.

Just my two cents worth!


Posted on 2002-07-20 16:48:39 by cookj
AFAIK, FASM got his own section, because the developer of this assembler is member of our board.

For the other assemblers: We had this seperate sections for each assembler on the old forum. But after a few weeks, we had thousands of posts in MASM and not even 100 in NASM and TASM.
And dont forget, this board is about Win32ASM, not about MASM. You can post every NASM, TASM or MASM question you have in main... and if you really want to indicate wich language this post is about, just add it to the title ("NASM: blah blah blah")

Posted on 2002-07-20 16:54:25 by bazik
we tried TASM :/

in the same period the masm board got about 1500 posts, the TASM board got about 23

Nasm, I fear it will be about the same thing :|

The big difference also is that the sections masm32 and fasm are for discussion of the specific assembler packages. (bugs, updates, suggestions) The 'real' coding stuff should be placed in the various other sections such as main, networking,etc..

So the questions is not "can I post nasm questions here?" (by all means do) but "do we need a support forum for the nasm assembler package?" and that I think they (nasm creators) already have covered.

I think in the fasm forum there's still a bit of confusion about this but that will straighten out soon enough.

But as anything feel free to discuss, the more opinions stated the more ideas flow.
Posted on 2002-07-20 17:24:21 by Hiroshimator
Since NASM moved to SourceForge, you can use this Forum to make suggestions of the assembler itself:
Posted on 2002-07-20 17:40:33 by bazik
Thanks for the info!

Posted on 2002-07-20 18:45:42 by cookj
cookj: to me it seems that your concern is about a "principle".

So let's add whatever you feel at heart.. but if I've to give you a serious answer, and I've been using NASM until some weeks ago, for years, then NASM reason of existance ceased.. because there's nothing of the things that NASM does that the newest FASM can't do.

So where's the point?

I repeat.. if it's just a matter of principle, let's add whatever you feel at heart..

But then again let's add also a forum about GEMA, and all the other unknown assemblers.. or maybe let's count the users of each assembler in this board, and let's notice that the most used of all are actually MASM and FASM. Hence the two forums about these two assemblers.

This is the only true reason.
Posted on 2002-07-21 02:53:22 by Maverick