Anyone knows where I can look up the whole (or at least most significant) instructions and their meaning on the internet? A book perhaps? Thanks.
Posted on 2002-07-21 00:39:54 by gregd
Hers a link to an opcode table
but inside masm32 is opcode.hlp which lists most instructions.
a search on google or intels site will also provide the same.

Hope this helps.
Posted on 2002-07-21 01:01:47 by prs
yeah... but the opcode help file in the masm installer does not have much infomation on fpu.
Posted on 2002-07-21 06:28:14 by roticv
i included in the zip file:
1) two fpu tutorials i found somewhere
2) "Helppc": a complete reference for opcodes in assembly, a reference for c, interrupts reference, etc, etc..

hope that helps..
Posted on 2002-07-21 07:01:42 by NOP-erator