I've created a page for MenuetOS, a tiny GUI OS, written
in asm and assembled with FASM. Open source project.


Barry Kauler
Posted on 2002-07-21 20:35:10 by bkauler
Cool !!!
Posted on 2002-07-25 04:49:38 by shazanhar
I can help write drivers if you would like, but I have yet to recieve word from BogdanOtanu (who is also writing an OS). I have datasheets for numerous cards, but I'll help you also when I have the time, also can you give me the driver spec?
Posted on 2002-07-26 17:36:08 by x86asm
For further details you have to go to the official MenuetOS site:


They also have a forum.

Barry Kauler
Posted on 2002-07-26 19:42:52 by bkauler
Note also, I have modified a C compiler to work with FASM.
I downloaded the tiny ACC compiler for DOS, 32-bit x86, which
is freeware and generates assembly output file, which needs
A86 assembler (NOT the well-known 16-bit shareware A86!)
to generate an executable or object file.

I got the source code from the developer and modified ACC
to work with FASM, as A86 has a different syntax and major
I have renamed it "MACC" and you can get it here:


I intend to use it for writing MenuetOS apps, which are flat

PS one interesting point -- when I used A86 to assemble my
example MenuetOS application, it was about 750 bytes.
When I converted the compiler for FASM, and ran the same
app through using FASM, the asm file was basically the same
but the executable is only 428 bytes. Amazing.
I really should unassemble these and find out what is going on!

Barry Kauler
Posted on 2002-07-26 19:51:32 by bkauler
very cool but a little slow ! :alright:
Posted on 2002-07-27 07:05:28 by shazanhar
I have changed the URL slightly:


The ACC compiler is linked off this main page, and also a
link to the Sphinx C-- (sort of halfway between C and asm)
Posted on 2002-07-30 20:22:20 by bkauler