Check it out on my website (at the bottom of the downloads page):

It's a test of how modular you can make a telnet server ;) Also comes with basic security.

Btw, before I forget, the default username/pw are "guest" and "guest", and by default it sits on port 40.
Posted on 2002-07-22 05:30:10 by Qweerdy

what about building an "interface" between your telnet server app
and console. That way you send users input to the console and catch
the output for sending back. For security reasons this is a mess but
it avoids the implementing of many commands by yourself.

Bye Miracle
Posted on 2002-07-30 04:10:41 by miracle
On Win9x there's a piping problem when piping to MS-DOS programs like Besides, handling MS-DOS apps is a pain whatever way you look at it.
Posted on 2002-08-05 10:14:36 by Qweerdy
ummm it's pretty simple to pipe both and cmd.exe i've got the code to do both if you're interested... but some other programs just refuse to work properly... i've been fidling with it for a whilebut got bored with it
Posted on 2002-08-12 15:09:35 by NervGaz
I have a program that does that too, NervGas. The problem is that refuses to close correctly, after I type "exit". The connection is closed but the process stays in memory. I heard this happens because there is still data left in the pipe but I have been unable to fix it before I got bored ;)
Posted on 2002-08-16 06:30:40 by Qweerdy
ummm i just cleared the pipes and closed everything except the input pipe and the wrote exit from a constant string in the program... worked for me... well most of the time atleast...
Posted on 2002-08-16 07:35:16 by NervGaz