now that i got the mouse in directdraw working i have another problem. i need to built in a menu for the game. originally i planned to open a window (CreateWindowEx) over my DirectDraw window, where the options can be set. the new window should be skinned also (but that's something else). the problem is, that the mouse doesn't react when this other window (actually a dialog at the moment) is the foregroundwindow.. but i haven't got a normal windows cursor for the options window, too! so how to access this normal window with the mouse?

or: other good and easy possibilities to built a menu inside the game? but: i need edit controls, buttons, and stuff like that in the options.. :confused:

thanks for your effort.. bye
Posted on 2002-07-22 14:39:51 by NOP-erator
hmm..know what? i decided to do the whole menu in directdraw.. it thought about a concept and it isn't as difficult as i thought. the only difficult thing would be an "edit control"...but that's not unsolveable! anyways, thanks for your help so far,

hf, Noppy :alright:
Posted on 2002-07-23 05:01:11 by NOP-erator