i managed it to built a directdraw menu now. it isn't finished yet, but the "Quit" button works already. don't get scared by the error "Error loading level", cause i didn't include the level file.
type "100" in the first and "1" in the second edit control.

please tell me if you like it.. thank you!

Posted on 2002-07-23 14:19:00 by NOP-erator
ya i like it and works fine with winXP

hm better said it?s damn nice ;)
very nice work :alright:
Posted on 2002-07-23 14:29:20 by Allanon
GREAT! thank you! :alright:
Posted on 2002-07-23 14:30:04 by NOP-erator
the menu seems to only chek the y-pos of the mouse, is it because you consider x-pos checking a waist of CPU-time (it would be two more short jumps & cmps then, right)?
Besides from that detail, it works stall-less :grin: .
Posted on 2002-07-25 05:26:01 by scientica
Afternoon, NOP-erator.

Celery700, SiS630, WinMe.

Works fine. Nice PSP graphics :grin: .

Posted on 2002-07-25 05:38:24 by Scronty
actually i used an adobe product :)
the menu looks much better now, i changed a lot of things, but i've a font problem (look in the other thread), that has to be solved atm..

but thanks anyways! :)

Posted on 2002-07-25 05:52:29 by NOP-erator
very nice nop. though your snake looks more like a worm!:grin:
Posted on 2002-07-25 06:03:31 by MArtial_Code
I like that and the way it goes to black screen then changes screen mode
nice graphic too

Can you post the code so i can learn from you?

Posted on 2002-07-25 22:38:25 by IwasTitan
yeah, i will put the source code on my homepage as far as the game is ready for release..
here is the newest and already playable version!!
Posted on 2002-07-28 13:55:59 by NOP-erator
This is very cute NOP-erator! Just a few suggestions:

1. The snake looks flat. Maybe you could animate the little guy to give him more depth, or greater shading contour. More advanced option would be to create a bulge where apple is ate - you could even do this while having him the same width. :)

2. Apples get placed on top of snake and don't look so good.

3. Options screen needs mouse over effects - I don't know where to click.

The little girl here really likes your artwork. :alright:
Posted on 2002-07-28 14:18:37 by bitRAKE
thank you for your comment bitRake!

or greater shading contour
this can be done easily, this bulge is not a big problem either, actually.

2) yeah, it's a little bug, nothing that can not be solved easily, too. :)

3) ok, i already thought about this.. but, if most of you like that mouse over effects.. why not :)

thanks again!
The little girl here really likes your artwork

Posted on 2002-07-28 14:30:41 by NOP-erator
I try to adjust the speed to 250,hehe
Posted on 2002-10-19 01:14:04 by Const.Ex
there is already a new menu, and completely working.. you can download it from my website..
(press www button) :tongue:

Posted on 2002-10-19 06:07:56 by NOP-erator
NOP-erator, link is broken.
Posted on 2002-10-19 10:14:55 by bitRAKE
thank you.. fixed! :)

Posted on 2002-10-19 16:49:24 by NOP-erator
Hi NOP-erator,

nice game. Now it works on my computer.
With your past versions I have always had troubles. It didn't get further than the menu screen.

Game play is accurate and graphic looks funny.

could you replace the MessageBox telling me that I crashed the wall with a nice message, which fits the rest of your game layout? The standart control looks annyoing.

Greets YaWNS
Posted on 2002-10-20 06:36:44 by YaWNS
hi Stefan!

i'm glad that you enjoy it :tongue:
i used this standard message boxes just for debugging stuff, i had a lot of problems with the snake animation (the curves and stuff).. it works now (I hope :tongue: ), but when I'll find some time, i'll follow your idea...

(you know, abitur and stuff.. -> a lot of stress :rolleyes: )

Posted on 2002-10-20 06:45:04 by NOP-erator

(you know, abitur and stuff.. -> a lot of stress :rolleyes: )

*g* Right, but besides lots of stress, there are pre-exam-parties, exam-parties, after-exam-parties,...

Are you going to do something like Day X? (One day, when all students who are about to exam close the school, treat the teachers, entertain the younger studs etc?)

Greets YaWNS
Posted on 2002-10-20 06:56:25 by YaWNS
*g* Right, but besides lots of stress, there are pre-exam-parties, exam-parties, after-exam-parties,...

hehehehehehehe :tongue:

yeah.. we're are GOING to have a DAY-X.. it depends on the people who are GOING to organize something :tongue: :grin:

Posted on 2002-10-20 07:00:00 by NOP-erator