The attached program assembles just fine, but when I run it, the program
jumps over the API function DialogBoxParamA, and just goes to ExitProcess.

What is wrong ?:)
Posted on 2002-07-24 10:41:43 by The SharK
UINT SetTimer(

HWND hWnd, // handle of window for timer messages
UINT nIDEvent, // timer identifier
UINT uElapse, // time-out value
TIMERPROC lpTimerFunc // address of timer procedure


Specifies a nonzero timer identifier. If the hWnd parameter is NULL, this parameter is ignored.

so you obviously never come back to WM_TIMER..

dunno if this is the problem, but.. everything's possible :)

Posted on 2002-07-24 10:45:57 by NOP-erator
where's the .rc file ??? did you assemble and link it with the .res file?

I guess this is the problem? :)
Posted on 2002-07-24 11:18:29 by stryker
Your right stryker, I totally forgot about the .rc file.
That happens when one is a newbie :grin:
Posted on 2002-07-24 15:02:46 by The SharK
I remember I was working on a project and I've already setup UltraEdit for the automation of the assembling process whether for apps with debugging information, console, GUI apps with and without .res files.

It took me days to find out that I pressed the wrong key combinations for compiling GUI apps with .res files instead I was doing a key combination with GUI apps with no .res files. :grin:

Ctrl-Shift-2 == Link With .res files
Ctrl-Shift-3 == Link With no .res files

You see I'm still a n00b too :grin:
Posted on 2002-07-24 15:12:02 by stryker