:confused: Can any1 tell me how 2 use a resource in my source code?? I dont know how to put it in.
Posted on 2002-07-24 14:33:47 by yo|dude|mon
I know it might be a dumb question for most of u but i started learning this stuff only 3 days ago. Bear with me! Im only 13!
Posted on 2002-07-24 14:45:12 by yo|dude|mon
hookay don't worry...

Remember .rc file is a separate file and has nothing to do with your .asm source code.
    [*]Check out iczelions tut #8
    [*]Study what are the linking parameters used during assemblingFirst off, you need a resource compiler, preferebaly the rc.exe bundled together with masm32, all you have to do is to compile the .rc file like this:

    \masm32\bin\rc filename.rc

    This will produce a .res file which you will need for the linking stage. Now, I'm sure you know how to assemble it.

    \masm32\bin\ml /c /coff filename.asm

    This will produce filename.obj. Now to bind your .obj and .res file into an .exe

    \masm32\bin\link /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS filename.obj filename.res

    Use the command prompt or dos prompt for the "commands".
Posted on 2002-07-24 14:54:23 by stryker