Further to my previous post...

Thanks bAZik for your reply.. i seemed to have annoyed you/someone though as replys to my post were banned.. sorry !!. thanks for your help but i'm still a wee bit stuck now.. your links helped but now i have another problem..

I have created my button..it's simply a two state affair when initialized it's red, when clicked it turns blue.. when clicked it reverts to red.. and so on..

but what actually happens is that u click the mouse button down it changes state, but as soon as you release the button it changes back ! What is happening is is 2 WM_DRAWITEM messages are being sent for each click (a click i take as an down AND up of the mouse button)

I've inclucded the code as a zip file if anyone would be so good as to take a look. Follow the README file to build it.

Also bear in mind how i go about coding what i want may appear strange.. but this is the way *I* understand Owner Class Buttons *SHOULD* be done (which was the gist of my previous post).. if it's wrong well.. i'm still confused :confused:

Posted on 2002-07-25 10:21:12 by CodeBug
Sorry I seem to have double posted this thread then deleted the one with a reply to it grrrr

If someone did reply could they post again ?


Posted on 2002-07-25 10:39:31 by CodeBug