I have a VxD file that emulates a parallel port device (globetrotter sentinel key dongle). The VxD loads dynamically for 10 minutes only. I have alreaddy tried to load the vxd statically via the system.ini and it does not work !


Posted on 2001-08-19 19:22:52 by yiovanni
Suggestion? Find another forum. First of all, emulating a dongle clearly
sounds a bit suspicious. Under some (very special) circumstances it
might be legal, but I doubt it is in *your* case. Second, you obviously
want to remove a limitation in a demo/shareware version of a program.

Please, this is not the right messageboard. This board is for programmers,
not crackers. You might want to try out http://fraviamb.cjb.net .
Should you have (legal) *programming* questions, you will be welcome
here, though.
Posted on 2001-08-19 21:42:08 by f0dder