I have an app which is minimized to a tray icon. With mouse over icon a message giving the name of app is displayed. I want to display amount of physical memory available to windows instead. This is no problem either. The problem starts when I update the message. After I start a new app, say notepad, then put mouse over tray icon the memory available display should be updated but it is not. I try putting the call invoke lstrcpy,ADDR note.szTip,ADDR szTempBuf in different places like in the call back message WM_SHELLNOTIFY but nothing seems to work. The value in the szTempBuf is being updated each time mouse is passed over icon but the message is not getting through to the NOTIFYICONDATA structure.

Any help or suggestions much appreciated.

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Posted on 2002-07-26 15:32:45 by czDrillard

invoke lstrcpy,ADDR note.szTip,ADDR szTempBuf
invoke Shell_NotifyIcon,NIM_MODIFY,ADDR note
Posted on 2002-07-26 17:12:36 by WillASM
Thanks WillASM,
NIM_MODIFY was what I needed. Funny thing is I was looking at this earlier in the SDK and skipped over it because it says: NIM_MODIFY Modifies an icon in the status area. I assumed, wrongly, that this applied to changing the tray icon only and would have no effect on the szTip member.

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Posted on 2002-07-26 21:14:18 by czDrillard