Does anyone know where to download the specifications for programming to EIDE drive devices? I've been looking on the web, and IEEE's website and can't find anything remotely useful. I am looking for something that tells you what in/out asm codes you send/receive. I basically want to bypass the BIOS methodology, due to all the if...thens involved in "int 13h".
Posted on 2002-07-28 10:33:50 by archimedes
Try looking here:

But if you only want to do direct programming to avoid int13
(ie, you're not writing an OS or similar), I'd advice you not to
go this path... there's quite an amount of code needed to do
direct IDE programming, especially if you want good performance
and proper hardware support.
Posted on 2002-07-28 10:44:46 by f0dder
Hi Archimedes (anything to do with the old ARM-based computer? :) it was great).

Now, in answer to your question, a Google search will give you more than you wish, but having myself worked (and still working) on this field, two links come by themselves:
Posted on 2002-07-28 10:52:56 by Maverick