I want to add .res file to .lib.

So, I tried this:


A new library was successfully created. But, When I like with this new library,
Resources are not linked! (Not in EXE file!)

I converted the .res file to .obj by CVTRES, and made a new other library.
But It doesn't work too. :(

How can I add .res file to .lib??? :(

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day!
Posted on 2002-07-29 21:09:21 by nyam

basically you cannot do what you are after as you can only use one RES file converted to an OBJ file by CVTRES. It is unfortunate as it would be very useful if you could do so but it is a limitation in the architecture of Windows.


Posted on 2002-07-29 21:16:00 by hutch--
Thanks hutch-- very much !!! :)


I used only one .res file.

It doesn't work...

Posted on 2002-07-29 21:21:55 by nyam