I need some stuff about programming cd rec. Tuts, sources.... or something else. I,m really newbie in that and don't know which API or other functions to use.

Thnx a lot
Posted on 2002-07-30 03:10:38 by sz@ry
Posted on 2002-07-30 03:17:42 by bazik

I recommend you to write the entire code by yourself :)
Only with XP there is a built-in support to burn CDs on MMC compatible drives.
Maybe there is an SDK freely available for use but I dont think so.

If you wan't to do it the hard way this helps:
First check out the different ASPI implementations and code a simple
prog to gather info from drives and CD's like reading sectors e.t.c.
like this CD Drive Checker
Check out the SCSI2 documentations at www.t10.org
and what MMC drives can do. Check out the source burncd.c from FreeBSD.
It will tell you a lot about SAO, TAO, Cue Sheets and all the stuff behind.

Sooner or later you'll discover that the ASPI layer isn't a good base
for a project like this even if tools like CDRWin and Fireburner use it.
That way you'll start thinking about bypassing the ASPI layer.

If you want I can provide more info since I did already such a piece of pain

Bye Miracle
Posted on 2002-07-30 04:00:12 by miracle