How can I import ordinal functions from a DLL?
Posted on 2002-07-30 07:46:01 by Despero
Posted on 2002-07-30 08:09:26 by bazik
Here is the modified variant of import macro for FASM, when you provide number instead of string the function will be imported by ordinal:

macro import [label,string]
{ forward
if +string eq string
label dd 80000000h or string
local _label
label dd RVA _label
end if
dd 0
if ~ +string eq string
_label dw 0
db string,0
end if }

bAZiK: are you sure this thread should have been moved?
Posted on 2002-07-30 12:11:26 by Tomasz Grysztar
Moved it back. He didnt mention he wants FASM specific code :)
Edit: and changed title a bit :)
Posted on 2002-07-30 12:47:44 by bazik