Errors in the memory operands for mmx instructions don't produce errors, the compiler simply does nothing.

I had accidently written movq mm0,, however Fasm didn't return an error so my batch file missed it and I assumed everthing was ok. It was only when changes I made didn't seem to be happening that I noticed Fasm wasn't outputting assembly time or filesize and wasn't outputting a file either.

Hope this is a minor thing and won't be a hassel for you to fix :)
Posted on 2002-07-30 19:22:37 by Eóin
I thought I did fix it, which version were you using?
Posted on 2002-07-31 01:16:35 by Tomasz Grysztar
I was using 1.39, I just changed to 1.40b and it works properly now :)
Posted on 2002-07-31 06:57:09 by Eóin