hello all, i have a problem...

Some Windows when minimized by an external program restores itself... is there any way of holding the window down with another executable and use other applications?

i have tried minimizing it with a timer, it doesnt work... only hangs my computer...
Posted on 2002-08-01 13:57:06 by Tsongkie[ii]
You want to minimize a Program wich restores itself?
What about just make it invisible?
Posted on 2002-08-01 14:06:50 by bazik
yes please :D
Posted on 2002-08-01 18:00:37 by Tsongkie[ii]
You might also replace all the windows' window procs :grin:
Posted on 2002-08-02 17:41:01 by goofee
Try ShowWindow() with SW_HIDE
Posted on 2002-08-02 18:30:41 by stryker