When I start RadASm I get the ErrorMsg:
"Cannot open the File SprSht.dll"

What's that?
Posted on 2002-08-03 11:39:33 by Subby
Hi Subby

It is a spread sheet/grid custom control in development.
Just comment this line in RadASM.ini (you can read about custom controls configuration in RadASMini.rtf)

;1=Spread Sheet,SprSht.dll,.......

Or if you wan to have a look at the custom control, just copy SprSht.dll to windows\system

Posted on 2002-08-03 13:04:13 by KetilO

Big thx! :)
Posted on 2002-08-03 13:09:35 by Subby
i had the same problem :D its because there is a " " (SPACE) after the "." and before the "dll" in RadASM.ini :D
Posted on 2002-08-04 04:40:52 by Tsongkie[ii]