hey guys Im trying to do this:

.if wParam==1007
invoke WriteProcessMemory,process,0079a5f0h,addr name,1,NULL

and in my .data section:

name db f6h,0

Now my problem is when i try to build and run the program, it says that f6 is an undefined symbol (I want to make it where when the button 1007 is pushed it Writes the hex code f6 at address 0079a5f0).Any help is appreciated.
Posted on 2002-08-04 15:40:43 by resistance_is_futile
hi !

I think the correct syntax is 0f6h but i'm not sure :)

+ ;)
Posted on 2002-08-04 15:56:37 by kylekiller
okay cool yea that worked. thx a lot..
Posted on 2002-08-04 16:03:06 by resistance_is_futile