Is anyone know how to use directsound with Masm32 ?
Does it exists a directsound package ( because the dsound.inc file is pretty empty ) ?
Send me any information or link to a functional package tutorial, please.

Thank you.
Posted on 2002-08-05 10:52:48 by ehonda
Sorry i dont have a tutorial ....

But please ask questions and i could guide you step by step.

Also the famouse WinTris sample game (tetris in win32asm) by Chriss Hobbs has some very nice working examples and even more in the context of a working game... still simple and easy to understand...

Please read it!

Also the DX6.1 and maybe DX8 includes from Scronty and others from this board i guess/hope have more DSound constants/methods.

If not i could send you DX6.1 ones for TASM.
Posted on 2002-08-05 12:54:14 by BogdanOntanu
If you want an alternative. Try FMOD.
Posted on 2002-08-05 12:59:29 by stryker

In Caleb's site http://people.freenet.de/CalebsSite/ you have the includes for DirectX 8, and for both DMusic and Dsound. I wrote a DMusic sample using his includes and you can download it there. I recommend you to use DMusic the way it's shown in this example and not just Dsound because it's kind of old-fashioned. It's quite straight forward once you learn it and it allows you to play midis and wavs in the same way.

Posted on 2002-08-05 15:40:57 by Salieri

If you want an alternative. Try FMOD.

Yes. FMOD is very easy to use and very low on ressource load.
If you want, you can have a small example, or try Caleb's example.

Greets YaWNS aka Stefan K.
Posted on 2002-08-05 17:32:47 by YaWNS
Posted on 2002-08-05 19:40:46 by comrade