Hello asm'ers.. I found this forum, it's great!

If you don't mind, I'd start my membership with a question:

In DX8.1 direct draw is now "obsolete".
What's the standard DX8.1 way to have an overlay on the screen?
Posted on 2002-08-09 07:49:42 by Bugs' Bounty Hunter
Afternoon, Bugs' Bounty Hunter.

hmmm. Good question.

I'd suppose you use a surface for your"overlay", and blit this to the backbuffer once you've drawn everything else.

The only stuff I've done which comes close to the overlay used in <DX8 is the D3DX Font Drawtext method to draw text over the screen.

Posted on 2002-08-10 05:54:17 by Scronty
The common method is to use a secondary buffer (not the regular first backbuffer but a spare (third?) backbuffer)
Yes you can mess with this surface however you like.
During Rending, this surface is Alpha-Blended with the (first) backbuffer.
Check out the DX8 Donuts3D example provided in you SDK.
I actually recommend getting hold of 8.0a as well as 8.1 sdk's since
they contain the same example sources (yeah in C)
but they vary slightly, enough to make the comparison useful.
I'm ripping the Donuts3D example down from C to MASM atm,
maybe Scronty would like to host it on his site when I'm done, considering
that I use his includes in preference to Caleb's (mmmm mcall)
It contains a plethora of good stuff, and would be only the second full-masm source for a game I've ever seen available (and the only d3d one) since Chris Hobbs shuffled out his little 2d tetris clone. How do you say "hits per minute" with your mouth full?
Posted on 2002-08-10 23:27:43 by Homer