Hello all,
does anybody know how to change a menu item's size? What I want to do is widen the last menu item on a menu bar to extend to the right edge of the window. I tried doing this with WM_MEASUREITEM but it only is called once.

I also tried DrawMenuBar, but that didn't seem to call WM_MEASUREITEM again...

Any ideas?

Posted on 2002-08-09 10:54:15 by chorus
Maybe you can do something like create a 'dummy' item in the many, that doesn't really exist, but widens it.

I don?t know, I just would like to know it, because you always help me ;)
Posted on 2002-08-09 12:36:03 by slop
Thanks sloppy :)
I'll see if I can work with that. So far my best option has been just to make the last menu item ridiculously wide (like 1000h pixels :)

It sorta works...

Posted on 2002-08-10 11:23:07 by chorus