I?m quite new to asm in general. I have some basic knowledge now and I?m looking forward to experiment with some drivers/ring0 stuff, soon :)

On this great tutorial page i could find many texts about VxDs. Of course this is nice but considering that win2k and XP are going to understand WDM drivers only i wonder where i could find an "asm" tutorial about them. Maybe someone could give me some advice? Does MASM support WDM development?
(I have the DDK on my HD)

would be great to hear from you.

Posted on 2001-08-21 17:58:25 by Edrin
As far as I know, WDM modules are only for a subset of drivers,
namely sound and "human input devices". Heck, I'm not even sure
if they run ring0.

For nt/2k ring0 drivers, I think the term is KMD (Kernel Mode Drivers).
They definitely run ring0, and are (afaik) standard PE files (with
checksums, though) that utilize a special API interface (zw* functions).

But hey, I might be wrong.
Posted on 2001-08-21 22:09:50 by f0dder
WDM modules are NT drivers that can run under Win98 SE. They are typically invoked, by Windows, when corresponding Plug&Play devices are detected.
Posted on 2001-08-22 11:59:45 by tank