How to create win32 console application with masm?
How does it work?
Posted on 2002-08-12 07:10:31 by Vaxon
Here and here :)
Posted on 2002-08-12 07:21:16 by Eóin
Thank you.
Posted on 2002-08-12 07:43:17 by Vaxon
Notes to myself:

    [*]Increase the font of the 'FAQ' forum-title
    [*]Make it bold
    [*]Make it red
    [*]Make it flashing
    [*]Show dozens of Javascript Messageboxes about using the FAQ and the Forum search when someone clicks on "New Thread"
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Posted on 2002-08-12 08:02:06 by bazik

LOL :grin:
Posted on 2002-08-12 08:06:33 by iblis
And still it won't work...
Because people want to communicate not just read documentation or faqs...:grin:
As for myself... ok, I will use search and faq next time (don't thank me), but after that i WILL POST ANYWAY;)
Posted on 2002-08-12 08:14:19 by Vaxon