recently you told me about a place in msdn to consult the Platform SDK on-line. But I just can?t find it, I get lost in Bill?s huge database. Can you help, please?

Btw, this would be a nice question for the FAQ ;)
Posted on 2002-08-12 11:56:44 by slop
Look in the MSDN Library under Windows Development -> Platform SDK
Posted on 2002-08-12 12:54:29 by ante
I usually go to and use the search feature at the link corner to search the function I want... but the website is messy and always returns unwanted results...
Posted on 2002-08-12 13:47:39 by JCP
Hi Sloppy,

This is url of SDK site, actually listing of api's:
You can navigate the whole sdk from here.

Btw, why not download Sdk core? only 7 hours at 56kb. Do that here:

best regards,

Posted on 2002-08-12 22:53:06 by czDrillard
"only 7 hours"

LOL :grin:

You make it sound like a breeze. ;)
Posted on 2002-08-12 23:27:48 by iblis
7 hours assuming an 'optimal', uncongested 56K connection? Would there ever be a straight 7 hours of uncongested time from a dial-up ISP?

Well worth the wait maybe... it's the cost that brings it down... maybe the SDK can be downloaded in parts instead of the whole thing at one time? Is there an option like that somewhere on MSDN?
Posted on 2002-08-13 04:03:58 by AmkG
7h on 56k?

7 * 60 * 60 = 25,200 // seconds
56 * 25,200 = 1,411,200 // kbit
1,411,200 / 8 = 176,400 // byte
176,400 / 1024 = ~172,266 // kbyte

The PSDK has 350MB, so you need about 14h with 56k connection :)
Posted on 2002-08-13 04:17:05 by bazik
There is some place on the MSDN site where you can download the SDK in 16 seperate cab files. Then to install all you need to do is extract them all to the same directory.

However, I have a 56kbyte link to the internet, and I recommend leaving the computer on overnight.
Posted on 2002-08-13 04:27:57 by huh
Before someone asks for this link, its in the FAQ forum :)

the 16 CAB files have a total size of 350 MB ;)
Posted on 2002-08-13 04:31:23 by bazik
I wasn't referring to the PSDK only the Core SDK with its samples and build environment for 32 and 64 bit. If you need the PSDK buy the CD or if you just want to start with the basics, start downloading the core at midnight and go to bed. You can finish the installation while you eat your breakfast. Just don't spill your Honey Combs on the keyboard:)

Btw, Core SDK is 190.1 kb, MS claims this takes 7 hours 43 min at 56 kb. I'll leave the math to others.

Edit: oh-oh, that's 190.1 megabytes! not kb. I was just shutting down compute when I heard the calculators grinding:)

best regards,

Posted on 2002-08-13 10:23:32 by czDrillard
That mixing of KB and MB reminds me on something... what was it again... hmm... lemme think... *thinking* ahhhh, I know!
Posted on 2002-08-13 10:34:59 by bazik
Next version of WinDOS will probably need twice that amout, just to boot...
Posted on 2002-08-13 12:26:49 by scientica
scientica, the last WinDOS is probably going to be WinMe...
Posted on 2002-08-13 12:51:44 by f0dder
What if they (or Mr. M$ (Bill Gates) ) have a change of heart...
Posted on 2002-08-13 13:00:12 by scientica
They might release a new cruddy 9x, but I doubt it. And I don't really care, I have my lovely win2k.
Posted on 2002-08-13 13:05:46 by f0dder
Posted on 2002-08-14 08:18:38 by gscundiff
Thanx czDrillard,
that's what I was looking for.
It usually happens with big databases, they become a labyrinth ;)

Btw, I like Bill's new haircut :)
Posted on 2002-08-14 11:36:53 by slop