hi all,

Well here is the preview version at last! For RasASM or above.
Spent most of today programming the addin init flag editor. (click the button left of save button)
Only 2 .dlls are detected, addin-manager + flipcase.

Check readme in zip for info + my email address for feedback.

Uses of addin manager:-
1. Disabling addins
2. Changing load order of addins
3. Editing addin init flags
4. Checking date + version of addins installed
*Install feature needs programming.

Lastly, Is it possible to make popup menu for editting the flags.. stay on screen when user clicks menu?

Posted on 2002-08-12 14:19:13 by X05
Hi X05

Great tool.
I don't think it is possible to make the menu still show after user clicks on it.
Mavbe a popup listbox with check boxes would be better?

Posted on 2002-08-13 01:32:59 by KetilO
X05 : very nice tool

download my plugin "codeblocks" set the setting in radasm.ini
and open a file in radasm . then open your plugin . boom .crashed

Posted on 2002-08-13 19:36:59 by eko