Hi !:)
Ddraw's clear exit
Some fixed bugs.
The final version with Fasm is a long road but it is fascinating ......
I would like to thank all the persons who give me their opinion during the tests which they make, I can not have multiple configurations to try this game.
Your opinion is always appreciated.
Posted on 2002-08-13 07:09:44 by Asmgges
On XP shows only " You are destroyed ".
Posted on 2002-08-13 08:03:35 by dreamer2
Please post your programs testing requests in the Heap...
Sure it is written using Fasm, but it doesn't concern FASM directly, imho...
Posted on 2002-08-13 08:07:04 by JCP
I think it fits more into "Game Development", because this game is in development (and deals with DirectX) :)
Posted on 2002-08-13 08:16:02 by bazik
You are right:)
The place is here
Posted on 2002-08-13 08:56:35 by Asmgges
It still exits at the time of hitting the enemy, as it didn't happen when you disabled explosion sound, so the routine playing that song should be analysed better.
Posted on 2002-08-13 09:03:59 by Tomasz Grysztar
Yes defect for the sound of the explosion seems not to be resolved.
But there are also problems of screen under XP.
I joins Space in 640x480 I hope that it works.
It is just for an attempt, mission 1 work in a loop.
Posted on 2002-08-13 11:40:03 by Asmgges
your game looks nice but it doesn't work properly on my win2k sp2 machine. There's just one frame which doesn't get updated i.e the sprites don't move...
Posted on 2002-08-13 14:25:58 by MArtial_Code
Hi !Martial:)
Thank you for your attempt.
My biggest problem is that this game works perfectly and is very fast on my system with two resolutions 800x600 or 640x480.:alright:
But it seems there to have concerns with the other versions of Windows.:confused:
Did you try to work the Fddraw.exe available file on Fasm's web site?
If you have programs to be tried I would be happy to make attempts when you want him and to provide yourselves results.
Posted on 2002-08-14 06:54:10 by Asmgges
same problem as martial_code on win98se machine..
Posted on 2002-08-15 13:11:49 by NOP-erator
Same problem as Martial_Code on Win2000 with sp2
Posted on 2002-08-15 14:28:15 by ante
Thank you NOP-ERATOR and ANTE:)
I made modifications and it should work with Win98 and Win2000
Gratitude for your attempts
Posted on 2002-08-15 16:12:31 by Asmgges
sorry.. asmgges..
after starting the game i see the ship and the enemies.. but i can't move my ship.. seconds later i am destroyed.. then.. the game seems to start again, and i'm destroyed again, but still i couldn't move my ship..

Posted on 2002-08-15 16:19:15 by NOP-erator
Problem of mouse?:confused:
You have an image now?
All these configurations are exhausting:)
Posted on 2002-08-15 16:24:41 by Asmgges

first @@: there is my ship approximately in the middle of the screen.. nothing happens, then "you are destroyed".. after that, the ship is in the top left corner.. nothing happens.. a few seconds later: jmp @B :grin:

Posted on 2002-08-15 16:29:42 by NOP-erator
Hi ! :)
I tried so many Space's versions with TomFasm whom I do not know any more or I am it. :confused:
Today I am going to try to work Space with BillMasm I would have can be more success ( a little doubt for it but I am not going to abandon !!):tongue:
It will be made in some hours.....
Posted on 2002-08-16 01:26:32 by Asmgges
Hi ! :)
It is Space's version with Masm.
I put only mission 1, I would put the others if everything is well.
Posted on 2002-08-16 08:24:07 by Asmgges
the zip file seems to be damaged..
Posted on 2002-08-16 08:29:32 by NOP-erator
Bad load .......
Can be better now
Posted on 2002-08-16 08:31:40 by Asmgges
it works!! great game!

Posted on 2002-08-16 15:13:41 by NOP-erator