"1337" is haxxor language for "leet" which is supposed to be shorthand for "elite" The numbers 1,3, and 7 look somewhat similar to their corresponding letters...1=L 3=E 7=T.
This is the basis for the whole leet-speak thing.

The phenomenon originally started with the birth of the demo scene, but since then it has been perverted by various greasy-faced teenage boys who sit in their rooms all day figuring out how to crack protection schemes, pausing only briefly to eat, go to the bathroom, and play Quake 3.

Programmers and other internet folk who take themselves seriously will use leet-speak in jest. Not because they particularly like it, but more because they are poking fun of it through mockery.

Hope that helps ;)
Posted on 2002-08-16 08:32:24 by iblis