Hey everybody,
I want to program an application that will capture from my WebCam. I've already worked with the multimedia library and used capCreateCaptureWindow to set up a simple capture window. However, being an ASM programmer, I naturally wonder if I can interface the device directly. Specifically I want direct access to the buffer receiving the frames.

I suppose I will have to program the device driver directly, but have no idea where to begin. Searching for "programming webcam" on google didn't help.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated

Posted on 2002-08-16 09:22:45 by chorus
Hi chorus,
That's a vdd that your talking about, that's ring0!! Too much for me!

But maybe this doc can help you:

This is the "schematics" of one implemaentation (maybe you can gain some info out of it) ;)
Posted on 2002-08-16 11:04:33 by slop
Thanks for the link sloppy, I'll take a look into it.

However, building up a VDD in ring 0 isn't really my interest right now, (although that might come later). I think I was sorta unclear in the first post. I'd like to talk to the existing driver directly rather than going through the Capture Window. Basically, I wanna eliminate the middle man and have access to functions that will init the camera, capture a frame to memory, etc. I need to know what these functions are called (I assume there must be some standard) and then how to call them.

Thanks again,

Posted on 2002-08-16 12:01:59 by chorus
Afternoon, chorus.

It seems that my Creative webcam ends up using the "Still Image" and "Windows Image Acquisition" APIs.
Or... at least it calls "StiCreateInstance", and the revelant Dll (sti.dll) uses WIA APIs.

Have a look at the "Still Image" stuff. It may be what you're looking for.

Posted on 2002-08-16 21:14:31 by Scronty