i've seen that the loop instruction is rare used for ripetitions.
Is 'jmp' solution faster than 'loop' ?
Posted on 2001-08-22 07:47:16 by Bit7

With the exception of the AMD K6 processors, LOOP is an out of date instruction so you are better off using a conditional jump for your loop and exit code. The loop design you use will be dictated by the exit condition you require but almost exclusively, your loop code will be faster if you code the loop manually.


Posted on 2001-08-22 09:11:51 by hutch--
thanks !
Posted on 2001-08-22 09:19:59 by Bit7
Hopefully, Hutch, when i have read your answer, i was sitting
on my ass. (I still on it).

... As he said 'thanks', it's ok for me too... :))

Posted on 2001-08-22 14:20:01 by Betov