The thing is following. My program searches the commandline for filenames. If it find one it opens loads this file in an edit control. This works fine, but the problem is that the filename is only available in 8:3 format (8 chars for the filename, 3 chars for the extension). Eg. c:\win32asm\mysoft\mdsfea~1.txt
original name is c:\win32asm\mysoft\mds features.txt

I already thought to get the original name by using GetFileTitle but read what the win32.hlp says:

GetFileTitle returns the string that the system would use to display the filename to the user. The display name includes an extension only if that is the user?s preference for displaying filenames. This means that the returned string may not accurately identify the file if it is used in calls to file system functions.

Does anyone of you know a function?

Hope so, :) Marwin
Posted on 2002-08-18 12:05:32 by Marwin
I believe you need GetLongPathName
Posted on 2002-08-18 12:22:00 by Qweerdy