hi ...
I remember reading a thread abou qeditor having problems with winxp nd folders that have spaces in their name ...
I searched now for that thread and couldn't find it ...
so can someone help me ...
using radasm or qeditor I can't work with files inside folders that have spaces in their name ... is there a solution or I just have to use spaceless named folders ?

( well ,,, spaceless named folders ... I'm thinking about a new nick ... :grin: )
Posted on 2002-08-18 17:00:41 by code1101
the problem i think has to do with masm's handling of the names. If you place the string in quotes then that may help.
Posted on 2002-08-18 17:55:16 by MArtial_Code
the problem is when a folder contains spaces in its name ... for ex
c:\masm32\my project\first\first.asm

if I try to build this project in qeditor or radasm I'll get an error like
can't find c:\masm32\my.asm
or can't assemble or can't build somthing like that ...
so at the first space in the path of my asm masm stops there and puts .asm .. I don't know if this is problem is from the ide or the assembler ...
Posted on 2002-08-19 04:17:24 by code1101
Hi code1101

RadASM does not have any problems with spaces in the path but is not very happy with spaces in file names.

I have included an example of a workaround. Have a look at project options.

Posted on 2002-08-19 05:35:36 by KetilO
hmm .... strange
the problem happens when I try (Tools ---> Masm32 Build)
but when I try (make ---> Go) everything seems to be ok

by the way I have this problem also with qeditor
Posted on 2002-08-19 07:25:14 by code1101

Here is a later batch file for files built in Qeditor. The only difference is the quoted file names that make it possible to use long file names and names with spaces.

QE is set up with standard DOS syntax batch files to keep them easy to modify. You will find them in the MASM32\BIN directory with your installation of MASM32.

The batch file below has a file name of "project", just change this to the name you want or if you are familiar with DOS batch file syntax, to a replacable parameter "%1" that is passed to the batch file by Qeditor.

@echo off
: -------------------------------
: if resources exist, build them
: -------------------------------
D:\MASM32\BIN\Rc.exe /v rsrc.rc
D:\MASM32\BIN\Cvtres.exe /machine:ix86 rsrc.res

if exist %1.obj del "Project.obj"
if exist %1.exe del "Project.exe"

: -----------------------------------------
: assemble Project.asm into an OBJ file
: -----------------------------------------
D:\MASM32\BIN\Ml.exe /c /coff "Project.asm"
if errorlevel 1 goto errasm

: --------------------------------------------------
: link the main OBJ file with the resource OBJ file
: --------------------------------------------------
D:\MASM32\BIN\Link.exe /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS "Project.obj" rsrc.obj
if errorlevel 1 goto errlink
dir "Project.*"
goto TheEnd

: ----------------------------------------------------
: display message if there is an error during linking
: ----------------------------------------------------
echo There has been an error while linking this project.
goto TheEnd

: -----------------------------------------------------
: display message if there is an error during assembly
: -----------------------------------------------------
echo There has been an error while assembling this project.
goto TheEnd




Posted on 2002-08-25 05:25:09 by hutch--
thanks alot hutch ... you solved it ...

MArtial_Code: you were right too but I didn't know how to do it from inside the editor ...

thanks alot everyone ...
Posted on 2002-08-25 08:38:58 by code1101