How can I eliminate the "gangload area" from an EXE (FON) file I am creating?
Is there a flag that should be used with TLINK or MS LINK? Or is there an appropriate entry
that should be placed in the .DEF file?
EXEHDR.EXE reports that there is always a gangload area created starting at 0x200 of size 0x600.
This area substantially increases the file size to no avail.
Posted on 2002-08-19 18:29:26 by gjraynor
Posted on 2002-08-19 22:15:36 by comrade
what exactally are you creating and what are you trying to do i dont understand. are you tring to create a font file (FON)? and if your creating an exe u dont need a .def file and whats a ''gangload area" please explane more thx
Posted on 2002-08-20 12:42:52 by Qages