Hi, does anyone know what the offset into the IDT would be for IRQ4's entry?

Posted on 2002-08-20 17:28:11 by sceptor
It depends on who/what OS setup the IDT... there isn't any "standard" for mapping IRQs to IDT Vectors.
Posted on 2002-08-21 01:07:55 by SpooK
I need to know what IRQ4's is in the IDT, for Windows 98.

Posted on 2002-08-21 06:47:43 by sceptor
If you are talking about hardware IRQs (standard DOS mapping IRQ0-IRQ7 to int08-int0F ; IRQ8-IRQF maps to int70-int7F): in Win9x these mappings are changed to int50-int57/int58-int5F
Posted on 2002-08-21 07:10:05 by japheth
Thanks for responding. Yes it is the hardware interrupts I am after.

So based on what you said about remapping for Win9x, am I correct
in assuming that IRQ4's entry in the IDT would be found at
054h * 8? (I'm at work and cant look at the IDT for now)

Posted on 2002-08-21 07:33:28 by sceptor
Posted on 2002-08-21 09:11:15 by japheth