can i get manuals of the intel x86 on the internet (ie. for free / download etc) if so then please tell me where such documentation is located...

also where can i get i need to mail order it or somethning..


Posted on 2001-08-22 17:50:28 by SubHuman
intel manuals:

about tasm actually i think you need to buy it.
I've bought it at about 100$ 1 years ago. For the price take a look for example to programmer paradise.
Posted on 2001-08-22 18:06:07 by Bit7
Posted on 2001-08-22 20:12:52 by SubHuman
subhuman, don't bother about tasm. You won't need it. It's not the good karma.
If you want it for what I think you might (considering your avatar),
just know that you can use masm for that just as well. Though I don't
think you should be doing it.

But then again, I may have misinterpreted things. Oh well. I'm hungry.
Posted on 2001-08-23 11:08:06 by f0dder