Does anyone have an example of a PE GUI DLL that has exports? And also, is it possible for Fasm to call/create _cdecl DLLs?
Posted on 2002-08-22 12:11:13 by CyberGuy
Look at the directory EXAMPLES\PEDLL in fasm distribution archive.
to make cdecl probably all you need is just expect the arguments be on the stack and ret from your functions, NOT retn Num_par *4 (as it's done in PASCAL=WINAPI style
Posted on 2002-08-22 16:27:34 by Sergo
But that example is a console dll, wouldn't it be alot different for windows? Uhm...could you possibly make an example of the _cdecl DLL, because i don't understand what you meant.
Posted on 2002-08-22 16:54:16 by CyberGuy