Hi Ketilo ,
To RadASM , the default Assembler is MASM, how can i change it into TASM?
Posted on 2002-08-23 00:07:33 by holly
Hi holly

In RadASM.ini you find this lines:


Just place tasm first in the list.


You can also remove those you will not use.

Posted on 2002-08-23 00:14:03 by KetilO
But all the choice item in the Make menu turn gray after I did it.
what should I do next?
Posted on 2002-08-23 00:54:38 by holly
Hi holly

You will have to create a project or add a section to tasm.ini. Adding the section is not an easy task so I suggest you create projects.

Posted on 2002-08-23 01:51:52 by KetilO
My programs edit in windows environment, but run in MS-DOS.
RadASM is a great editor to me before.Now I want to assemble and link programs in RadASM by calling TASM32.exe and TLINK.exe.
When I assemble and link programs in MS-DOS, I use this command lines
\tasm32 myprog.asm
\tlink myprog.obj

So I try to add section in tasm.ini.

2=$.exe,O,$B\TLINK.exe ,$.obj

1 for assemble and 2 for link.
when i build my program, The assemble done well, and then it report:

C:\Tasm\BIN\TLINK.exe C:\TASM\BIN\ta.obj
Make error(s) occured.

It's correct when running in command line format:C:\Tasm\BIN\TLINK.exe C:\TASM\BIN\ta.obj
now I have no ideal about it, can you give me a hand?
Posted on 2002-08-23 02:44:05 by holly
Hi holly

Don't know much about dos build, but here is win32 build.

1=rsrc.res,O,$B\brcc32.exe -r -i"$I" -v,rsrc.res
2=$.obj,O,$B\tasm32.EXE /mx /m4 /z /q /zn /I"$I",$.asm
3=$.exe,O,$B\tlink32.EXE /x /V4.0 /Tpe /aa /c /L"$L",$.obj,|||||,rsrc.res
6=*.obj,O,$B\tasm32.EXE /mx /m4 /z /q /zn /I"$I",*.asm

Posted on 2002-08-23 02:48:53 by KetilO
Oh,it doesn't work.maby i should link my programs in MS-DOS. thank you.
BTW, can you tell me where can i get the tasm50 or masm32 manual
Posted on 2002-08-23 03:21:07 by holly
Hi holly

Both are copyrighted material so you will have to buy it somewhere.

Posted on 2002-08-23 03:38:43 by KetilO
only 50% correct. The manual is free. TASM5.x isn't :)
Posted on 2002-08-23 03:57:31 by bazik
Try this,

in Tasm.ini:

1) Add Dos App new section name as below

Type=Win32 App,Dos App <<- add this 2. section name

2) Create this new section. This works for me. Except, for linker output option, it must choice Console(not Output). So in 3 and 13 lines, these are "C" beside "O". So you have to close linker DOS box after finish, via Ctrl+C keys.

after section add this "new" section;


1=4,O,$B\brcc32.exe -r -i"$I" -v,1
2=3,O,$B\tasm32.EXE /I"$I",2
3=5,C,$B\tlink.EXE /L"$L",3 <<---notice "C", this means console output. Very important!
6=*.obj,O,$B\tasm32.EXE /I"$I",*.asm
11=4,OT,$B\brcc32.exe -r -i"$I" -v,1
12=3,OT,$B\tasm32.EXE /I"$I",2
13=5,C,$B\tlink.EXE /L"$L",3 <<---- Also here "C". Else RadAsm crashes.
16=*.obj,O,$B\tasm32.EXE /I"$I",*.asm

good luck,
Posted on 2002-08-24 21:48:36 by cakmak
Ok, it works well now.
Posted on 2002-08-25 19:44:56 by holly