just read hutch's beginner friendly post, and thought i would tell everyone hello 8) f0dder: wasup :D i am a newbie to asm, btw and ive really started to like what ive done so far. from reading other ppls posts and replys it seems everyone is very helpful, and doesnt mind sharing there knowledge. i really like the forum, and i appreciate all the relpies to my 'books' post, and am looking forward to conversing with u all in the future.. who knows maby eventually ill be able to help somone out also :alright:

Posted on 2001-08-22 21:35:58 by g0dMoNeY

welcome to the forum. i'm semi-new too. *tries to hide the battle scars from the crusades section*.

dr phil :)

ps by the looks of your name you might be familiar with my avatar
Posted on 2001-08-22 23:42:13 by phil
indigo here we go-oo-ooh

Welcome to the forum, g$, nice to see you :).
phil, how is "godmoney" related to your avatar?
/me thinks of nine inch nails when seeing "god money" :).
Posted on 2001-08-23 11:05:18 by f0dder