Anyone out there know how I can access a printer from a process. I sure would appreciate
any assistance. Thanks BOBR
Posted on 2002-08-23 13:36:04 by bobr_bak

after calling the common printer-dialog, you can catch the printerDC of the selected printer (or you can use the defaults). the you create a DOCINFO-struct and add the document-info into it. start the document using the StartDoc-api. after that start a new page with the StartPage-function. (look up all the definitions in the win32api). you may draw on the paper like on the screen. (get the size with GetSystemMetrics!). after all drawage, end the page & the document using EndDocument and EndPage. and dont forget to delete the dc!
Posted on 2002-08-23 14:02:33 by hartyl
NaN posted once some nice documented code here on the board:


Look out for the Do_print proc
Posted on 2002-08-23 14:05:12 by JimmyClif
Afternoon, bobr.

Attached is an example of printing text to the printer.

Use as you wish.

Posted on 2002-08-23 20:15:25 by Scronty