Hey guys,
How can I dial using not tone but pulse?
I've looked throw the win32api and found nothing concerning the subject :mad:
Help me plz post an example or something...
Thanx in advance
Posted on 2002-08-25 07:03:06 by Duker

I think you have to set this in the modem properties, "Dialing Properties" button. At that point you can choose Tone or Pulse. There is probably a Registry Setting somewhere, but I'm not sure. Maybe search registry for "Tone" or "Pulse"


Posted on 2002-08-25 11:44:06 by farrier
Thanx for reply farrier,
My connection is set to dial using pulse but a dialer doesn't have a feature to choose pulse/tone and dial only using tone but my station is pulse=(
So I'm waiting for new replies

Posted on 2002-08-25 13:02:59 by Duker
Tone/Pulse dialing choosing is specified in the command string you give to the TAPI or whatever you using.
To dial with pulse you would use:
ATDP 1234567

To dial with tone you would use:
ATDT 1234567

1234567, of course, being the number you should dial.
Posted on 2002-08-25 13:06:42 by comrade
Thnx tovarish:grin:
It's nice to see russian people in the forum
Btw are you a member of wasm.ru forum?
Posted on 2002-08-25 13:16:02 by Duker