i encountered these bytes: c4 c4
so i opened debug:
e 100 c4 c4
u 100 l 2
xxxx:0100 c4c4 les ax, sp

now i don't get it,
every MOD/SIB in the second op of LES must be in parentheses ""...
so this combination is NOT valid!
which makes it uncleared.

in addition, when you try to trace it with debug it seems like it skips it and a few opcodes just after it... or it runs them till it stops(i have no idea why is stops after a few opcodes and not immediately..maybe something with the single-step interrupt)

that's it...
now i'm leaving it for you
i hope you can help me :)

thanks much...

btw-new dis-asms don't recognize this combo...weirdo
Posted on 2002-08-25 14:33:40 by arkon
Hi Arkon,

Disassembly of other programs is strictly an enforced as a ?do not do, or do not talk about? thing on this board. As for your question about les ax, sp needing to be les ax, I?m not sure but I don?t think it has to be in brackets in all cases.

If you know the code that?s giving you problems maybe post a snippet of your source so others try to help, I?m sure they would be happy to.

J a m e s:alright:
Posted on 2002-08-25 17:32:39 by JamesE